Be Intentional.

The trait of thoughtfulness in action or desire.

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“I hope to create a comfortable atmosphere that will allow my clients to tell their story while discovering their purpose.
Healing is possible and I look forward to joining you on your journey.”

Choosing a therapist for yourself or a member of your family can be a difficult decision. The decision to engage in therapy takes true consideration for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

My approach is from a place of compassion. I hope to create safe spaces for clients to engage in a trusting therapeutic relationship and focus on open communication while promoting individual self-growth and positive change.

I believe that everything in life is full of purpose and that each experience we go through can be used as a catalyst to grow. I am passionate about individual growth and diversity. It is my hope that each client that I am privileged to work with learns more about their individuality and the purpose they serve in the world around us.

I use evidence based therapeutic approaches in my work. These processes are developed to help clients find new thinking patterns while developing healthy coping skills related to life’s challenges. I am intentional about my mission to listen and understand each clients’ perspective and his/her beliefs in effort to help them gain clarity about their thoughts and feelings.

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Kindness Matters.

Kindness matters for mental health, New Perspectives Therapy provides counseling services.

Nigeria McHellon, MSW, LCSW

I have an extensive background working with individuals — children, adolescents, and adults — families, and couples. I have worked in various settings such as outpatient clinics, the public school system, dept. of juvenile justice, domestic violence shelters, and substance abuse treatment facilities to name a few. 

I’ve worked with victims of trauma and sexual abuse, served as a Clinician for human trafficking survivors, I am currently the Executive Director for a private adoption agency.

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