A collaborative opportunity to help those with mental illness thrive.

Led by Licensed Clinical Therapist, Nigeria McHellon, Project New Perspective Inc is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping those who live with mental illness thrive in the workplace, school, and life.

Through wellness programs, educational resources, and therapeutic projects, we help clients discover new thinking patterns while developing healthy coping skills related to life’s challenges.

“The work we do on ourselves becomes our gift to everyone else.”


Our vision is to improve the emotional wellness of individuals and families by delivering services that improve the quality of life for our children, youth, families, couples, and adults with an identified mental illness. Our vision is based on our ambition and determination to contribute to the growing need for education about mental health, providing quality mental health services, and advocacy for access to treatment by all individuals. 


To improve the availability of quality mental health services in our community  through dedicated advocacy, public awareness, and support.  It is our priority to improve the wellness of our community and encourage healthy lifestyles through prevention, effective intervention, evidenced based treatment practices, and education.

To fulfill our mission we will do the following:

  • Create opportunities for the community to better understand mental health and the correlation between mental and physical wellness.
  • Provide equal opportunities for individuals to identify early warning signs and the risk factors of mental illness.
  • Provide programs and an environment that supports recovery and improves the  resilience of those we serve.
  • Provide resources and programs that support treatment and offer safe spaces for recovery to occur.
  • Advocate for improved support and treatment at the state and federal levels by collaborating with key decision makers.


Our Values are the guiding principles developed from our core beliefs. These values provide meaning to our mission, determine how we engage our clients, treat our peers, and interact with stakeholders. 







We value individuality, compassion, and the respect of every person, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic status, disability, or sexual orientation.  We believe that treatment free from stigma and prejudice will allow equal opportunities for treatment to occur while compassion motivates us to help and support others, and ourselves. 

We value transparency, authenticity, tenacity and grit as we create safe spaces for individuals, families, and our community to navigate through their lived experiences.

A true understanding of the benefits of mental well-being coupled with commitment, passion, and determination help break down the stigma behind mental illness.

Our values are based on the understanding that:

  • Mental health is the foundation of a healthy life and that it is essential to one’s overall well-being.
  • Our services must be intentional, purposeful, and innovative to meet the ever-changing mental health needs of our community.
  • By changing the narrative around mental illness and promoting deeper understanding and education we decrease the stigma and shame associated with seeking treatment.
  • The goal of treatment is recovery and it is vital for those with a mental illness to be committed to their recovery process – engage in decision making, participate in programs, and adhere to ongoing clinical recommendations.
  • We are capable of fulfilling our mission most effectively through collaboration with other professionals and the community to actively create partnerships to achieve our goals.

We understand that the successful achievement of our vision is dependent on the combined efforts, dedication, creativity, and commitment of our staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, partners, and those we serve.

Sponsors help defray cost for mental health and wellness programs, educational resources, and therapeutic projects.


Collaboration with you means expanding our reach to even more people in need. Sponsors help defray cost for programs, resources, tools, education, and therapy. Together we can break the stigma of mental health illness.

Sponsorship Levels

Apply for Project New Perspective Scholarship: we are offering an opportunity for free mental health services! Recipients of our Mental Health Scholarship will receive up to six (6) free individual therapy sessions designed to provide opportunities to be reflective and to increase one’s awareness and understanding. We pride ourselves in serving diverse communities, educating and breaking mental health stigmas, and helping you build the confidence and obtain the emotional wellness you deserve.


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