The Benefits of Online Mental Health Care

By Syd Sukalski

The pandemic changed a lot of things for a lot of people. It changed how far apart we stand in line at the store, how we greet people we haven’t seen in ages, and even how some people work and go to school. But the pandemic also brought about a surge in online mental health care. Not many good things came out of the pandemic, but this is one of them. So today, we’ll talk about all things online mental health counseling and its various benefits.

If you think you need therapy services or you need someone to talk to, please keep reading. Online mental health care may be for you. 

First, let us introduce ourselves. 

New Perspective Therapeutic Services offers a wide range of counseling services, including marriage therapy, individual therapy, and family counseling near you. Nigeria McHellon, MSW, LCSW, New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ Clinical Director and counselor, uses the best therapeutic approaches to help you and your loved ones improve your mental health and work through your troubles. Contact us today if you are interested in therapeutic services and would like to schedule an appointment. We want to help you on your journey to better mental health.

Now, let’s talk about online mental health care. 

What Is Online Mental Health Care?

Simple: online mental health care or counseling is the same as the therapy you might go to for anxiety, marriage counseling, or depression. But, instead of going to your therapist’s office, your session would take place online! New Perspectives counseling will be with you whether you want to join us in person or online. We want you to be able to access the resources you need to improve your mental health. 

Now, let’s discuss some benefits of online mental health care:

1. Online Mental Health Counseling Is Convenient and Accessible 

One of the best things about online mental health counseling is that it can happen from anywhere and makes therapy more accessible for people who live far away or can’t leave their homes due to disability or something else. Plus, because you’ll be attending therapy from your own home, you’ll often get to choose times that work best for you, and you won’t have to worry about traffic, waiting rooms, or parking meters.

2. It’s Comfortable and Approachable

As previously stated, this happens in the comfort of your home! Whether you attend therapy from your kitchen counter, bedroom, living room, or that plush chair in your basement, online counseling ensures a level of comfort you might not get from your therapist’s office. If you get nervous when going to new places or unfamiliar areas, online therapy eliminates this problem and makes counseling easier to approach. You can feel safer and more secure while attending therapy from your chosen comfy spot.

3. It Can Be More Affordable

Therapy can be expensive, but the good thing is that online mental health care often costs less. Especially for therapists who practice exclusively online, just practicing is less expensive because they don’t have to pay for things like office space. As a result, they can often afford to create more options and better prices for people who don’t have the proper insurance. However, most states now require insurance companies to provide online mental health care as part of their package but ensure you check out your insurance company and state laws to make sure. 

4. Online Mental Health Care Is Effective!

So, there are several benefits to online mental health care, but is it effective? Is it as effective as the in-person type? In many cases, yes! Research tells us that online mental health care can be every bit as effective for people with all sorts of mental health conditions, including anxiety and moderate depression. 

5. Online Therapeutic Services Are on Your Terms

With higher accessibility, lower prices, and scheduling catered to you, online therapeutic services are 100% on your terms. We can help you as often as you schedule an appointment. We’re here to help you work through all your problems, whether you think them big or small, know that we are here for you no matter what. All you have to do is reach out.

New Perspective Therapeutic Services is here for you, online or in person. If you feel you could benefit from our services or would like to talk, contact us today.

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