What are the Benefits of Seeing a Licensed Therapist in DE, TX, FL, and GA?

By Syd Sukalski

Coping with mental health can be difficult. Maybe you find yourself trying to ignore the problem. Perhaps you’re attempting to manage it on your own. Possibly you rely on your loved ones to lend an ear and help you with your troubles. Ignoring the problem won’t get you anywhere. Coping alone can be difficult and unrealistic because you may not know how to help yourself. Friends and loved ones might not be able to help much either, and you may find that you’re overwhelming them or causing them to worry about you the more you share. 

If you are struggling with your mental health, if you think you may have depression, anxiety, or some other mental illness, the best thing you can do is to see a licensed therapist. We understand you may be hesitant to take this step. Maybe you think it will make people treat you differently, or you’re afraid to ask for help. But really, a licensed therapist will be the best thing for you. In this article, we will talk about licensed therapists, who they are, who they help, and how seeing one can help benefit your current situation.

But first, let us introduce ourselves. 

New Perspective Therapeutic Services wants to help you with your mental health needs. Clinical Director and counselor Nigeria McHellon uses successful therapeutic approaches to help you improve your mental health and find your path in life. We have you covered from individual online video therapy to marriage counseling to family therapy. Check out our therapeutic offices in Delaware, Texas, Florida, and Georgia to get started.

Now, let’s discuss licensed therapists.

What is a Licensed Therapist? Who Can She Help?

Licensed therapists achieve high levels of education and experience because they want to help you attain better mental health. From earning their Master’s Degree to completing various internships to passing the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam, your licensed therapist is highly qualified to treat you. In addition, Clinical Director and counselor Nigeria McHellon of  New Perspective Therapeutic Services has vast experience and has worked with children, families, couples, adolescents, trauma, and sexual assault victims. When you come to New Perspective Therapeutic Services, understand that you will receive the best treatment. To learn more about Clinical Director and counselor Nigeria McHellon, check out her “About Me” page on the New Perspective Therapeutic Services website.

Now, let’s discuss some benefits of seeing a licensed therapist.

A Licensed Therapist Must Adhere to Confidentiality and Ethical Rules

Every licensed counselor and therapist must observe a set of rules. Among these rules is a confidentiality agreement. Anything you say while you are in session with your counselor will remain private. Only a few legal exceptions amend this rule. But, if your counselor were to disclose anything you discussed to an outside party, they could lose their license. Like others that describe the appropriate therapist-patient relationship, this rule protects you and helps make you feel safe with your therapist. Confidentiality rules ensure that your discussions with your therapist are private and won’t find their way to anyone other than you two. Both confidentiality and ethical rules can help you trust your therapist, allowing you to become more open while in session. The more open you are, the more your therapist can help you.

Friends Are Great, but Your Counselor is Trained to Help You

Maybe you are someone who finds themself talking to their friends about their mental health problems. While openness about mental health is good, it can be overwhelming for friends and loved ones to play therapist. And, even if they don’t find themselves getting overwhelmed, the chances that they can help you much beyond offering support is slim. Don’t get us wrong, supportive families and groups of friends are amazing, but the fact is, your friends and family are not likely trained in dealing with mental health problems. Therapists study extensively to obtain their licenses, and they learn a lot along the way! A licensed therapist knows how to help you. They can offer you exercises and coping strategies to help you help yourself. They know the therapeutic approaches which may help you achieve your mental health goals. 

You Can Attend Individual Therapy, Marriage Counseling, or Family Counseling Nearby

Therapy is not just for the individual. At New Perspective Therapeutic Services, we offer all types of therapy, including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, marriage counseling, and family counseling nearby. These forms of therapy can help you in all sorts of ways. By the end, you may find that you have more ways to cope with your troubles; you will learn strategies to help you ease your emotions when you’re upset; you may discover you’re a better friend, communicator, and employee. All types of therapy can help you achieve these effects. You just need a licensed therapist to help show you the way.

For more ideas on how to show kindness, find support at New Perspectives Therapeutic Service.

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