3 Mental Health Issues and How Therapy Can Help You Overcome Them

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By Syd Sukalski

Are you struggling with your mental health? Are you considering a counselor but don’t know if or how they’ll be able to help you? If you have never sought therapy, you might not realize how much it can help. Of course, talking about your problems can be incredibly cathartic and beneficial, but a therapist can also prescribe medicine to aid your mental health problems and teach you ways to cope with your troubles outside of therapy. Continue reading this article to learn how our therapists can help you with anxiety, depression, or your relationship.

But first, let us introduce ourselves.

At New Perspective Therapeutic Services, we use widely successful therapeutic approaches to help you improve your mental health. We offer various types of therapy, including individual therapy, couples counseling, online video therapy, and family counseling nearby. So, if you’re looking for mental health assistance in Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Delaware, consider New Perspective Therapeutic Services, where we want to help you on your journey to a fulfilling, purposeful life.

Now, let’s talk about how our counselors can help you.

How Your Counselor Can Help With Your Anxiety

During therapy, while you will speak to your counselor about your anxiety, you may find that you uncover some of your key stressors and reasons for your worries. Your therapist can prescribe you anxiety medicine, but they will also most certainly teach you how to deal with your stressors when you are outside of their office.

Your therapist will teach you breathing exercises, and they will show you how to look at situations in new ways so you can relax a little more easily. In therapy for anxiety, you will also learn new ways to cope and solve problems, so you can eventually move forward without counseling.

Additionally, if you get anxious about going into therapy or if you have never been, New Perspective Therapeutic Services offers online video therapy, so you can call in from the comfort of your home. Many people with anxiety find this a better way to attend therapy because they feel they can talk more openly when they sit in an environment they are familiar with.

How Your Counselor Can Help With Depression

The help that your therapist can provide for depression is similar to that they can provide for anxiety. Your therapist can help you identify the source or causes of your depression, which will help you both determine strategies that will help you cope with the problem. This identification is the goal of depression therapy, but depending on the root of your depression, therapy can be different for everyone. It’s all about finding the best path of treatment and setting goals for yourself as you begin to heal.

Relationship Troubles? Consider Marriage Therapy.

One of the other types of therapy we provide at New Perspective Therapeutic Services is marriage and relationship counseling. You do not have to be married to attend this type of counseling, which can provide help for any couple having problems.

Some of these problems might include repeated arguments or any type of distress related to key life events and major stressors, including having children, a big move, or the passing of a loved one. However, therapy isn’t just for people who are sharing major stressors. Maybe you and your significant other constantly fight about who will do the laundry or where to go for dinner. Maybe, you’re not fighting at all, but you’re going through some loss together, or perhaps you’re having problems in the bedroom.

No matter the case, your therapist will help both of you see each other’s side and learn how to communicate better. Throughout this short-term therapy option, your therapist will teach you ways to cope with your anger or distress and work together to build a better, more trusting relationship.

 New Perspective Therapeutic Services offers many types of therapy for lots of different mental illnesses. If you need help or are interested in setting up a therapy session, check out our website or call us.

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