NPTS Guided Journal

NPTS Guided Journal
By Syd Sukalski

You’ve heard it: journaling is beneficial to your mental health. It allows you to explore various aspects of your life and learn about yourself. However, journaling can be difficult for people. Many can’t get past that blank page staring them in the face; others don’t know what topics to write about. This dilemma is where a guided journal comes in. New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ guided journal solves your problems with the blank page and can aid you in your journey to better mental health. In this article, we’ll tell you about our guided journal and how it can help you. 

But before we talk more about journaling, let us introduce ourselves.

New Perspective Therapeutic Services offers successful therapeutic approaches to help you improve your mental health. Clinical Director and counselor Nigeria McHellon has a wealth of experience in many types of care. She has worked with outpatient clinics, public schools, domestic violence shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities, and The Department of Juvenile Justice; she’s also treated victims of trauma and sexual abuse and served as a Clinician for human trafficking survivors. Any type of care you need, from individual therapy to marriage counseling to video call therapy to family counseling nearby, New Perspective Therapeutic Services can help. So give us a call today to schedule your first appointment, either in person or through online video therapy. We want to help you on your journey to better mental health.

Now, let’s discuss New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ guided journal and how it can help you improve your mental health. 

What is New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ Guided Journal?

An ordinary journal contains blank pages you must fill on your own, entirely unprompted. This type of journaling can pose problems for some people because they just don’t know what to write. In addition to definitions and diagrams, New Perspective Therapeutic Services provides daily prompts to shape your responses. These exercises will help you access your thoughts and feelings and put them on the page to learn more about your inner self. 

I Need Help From a Licensed Counselor. Is This Journal For Me?

New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ guided journal is not a replacement for a counselor, but contrary to most guided journals, a clinical director and licensed therapist, Nigeria McHellon, created this one. Because a licensed therapist assembled this journal, you will find that its prompts, definitions, and diagrams are much more pertinent and focused on exploring your mental health. 

What Mental Health Topics Will My Guided Journal Explore?

Your New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ guided journal delves into various topics that combine to make up your person! It poses questions about your individual life and history and delves into discussing your friendships, romantic relationships, and interactions with your family members. Additionally, New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ guided journal provides a space where you can write about grief and loss, work, activities, and your future. This journal will help you learn more about yourself and the ways you interact with the outside world. 

How Can a Guided Journal Help Me With My Mental Health?

Note that this journal is not a replacement for a licensed therapist, but it can help you learn more about yourself. This journal will help you dive deeper into your psyche in tandem with therapeutic services. It can help you identify your thoughts and work through your feelings, so you can better understand why you think and react the way you do. The creator of this guided journal, Clinical Director and licensed therapist Nigeria McHellon, “hope[s] that by the time you work through [it], you have a deeper understanding about the impact of your lived experiences on who you are and who you are becoming.”

New Perspective Therapeutic Services wants to help you improve your mental health. If you are considering therapy but unsure what type you need or want to talk to one of our professionals before you get started, call us today. We offer individual therapy, online video therapy, marriage counseling, and family therapy nearby. Search for a therapist near you to get started.

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