Project New Perspective Collaboration – Sponsorship and Scholarships

Project New Perspective Collaboration - Sponsorship and Scholarships
By Syd Sukalski

Coping with mental illness can be difficult, and getting treatment from a licensed therapist is extremely important. However, not everyone can afford treatment and doesn’t attend. Foregoing treatment for certain types of mental illness can be life-threatening, and it’s terrible that the contents of a person’s wallet can play so heavily into whether they seek help. Project New Perspective believes we can assist people who need therapy but cannot afford it and put them on a path to better mental health. In this article, we’ll discuss Project New Perspective, how it works, and how it plans to incite change.

But first, let us introduce ourselves.

New Perspective Therapeutic Services uses successfully proven therapeutic approaches to help our patients improve their mental health. We offer all types of therapy, from individual sessions to marriage counseling, online video therapy, to family counseling nearby. If you or your loved ones are seeking a counselor near you, contact us today to set up an appointment. We want to start you on your journey to better mental health.

Now that you know who we are, let’s talk about Project New Perspective and how we believe it can spread awareness and accessibility to mental health care. 

What is New Perspective Therapeutic Services’ Project New Perspective?

Project New Perspective is a nonprofit organization led and created by clinical director and licensed counselor Nigeria McHellon. To expand accessibility to mental health care, Nigeria offers a scholarship program for people who need but cannot afford therapy. Her scholarships deliver up to six free therapeutic sessions, during which she will teach its recipients coping strategies and new ways to interact with their surroundings. If you think you may need therapy, but cannot afford it, apply for one of our scholarships today. Donate now if you want to join our mission to help serve diverse communities with free mental healthcare and help us break social stigmas that surround mental health treatment and therapy.

The Vision: How Project New Perspective Wants to Benefit Mental Health

Project New Perspective aims to aid the emotional wellness of our scholarship recipients with mental illness by providing them with mental health services that improve their way of life. Our vision finds its root in our desire to spread awareness about mental health, the necessity of quality mental health services, and accessible treatment for all people.

The Mission: How We Will Apply Our Vision to Benefit Mental Health

Our mission is to make quality mental health services available for the people of our community by spreading awareness and growing support for those who cannot afford them. We want to educate the public and use evidence-based therapeutic approaches to promote mentally healthy lifestyles and improve the mental well-being of our community. To fulfill our mission, we will familiarize the community with the connection between mental and physical wellness, supply programs that support the recovery and resilience of our patients, offer a safe space for healing to occur, and advocate for equal opportunities for access to mental healthcare at state and federal levels by collaborating with key decision makers. To support our mission and to help provide free mental health care for someone who can’t afford it, become a donor today.

How Our Values Will Impact Your Counseling Nearby

Our values are the core beliefs that guide our mission and dictate how we interact with our clients, peers, and stakeholders. First, we believe in individuality, compassion, and respect for all people, no matter their race, economic status, sexual orientation, disability, age, or gender. We provide mental health treatment unburdened by prejudice and support equal opportunities for all individuals. 

We also value authenticity and tenacity as we create a safe space to guide individuals and families to better mental health. 

Our values find their basis in our understanding that mental health is integral to one’s overall well-being, that our services must fit the community needs, that, by educating people, we can decrease the stigma surrounding mental health treatment, that treatment is vital for those struggling with mental illness, and that we can achieve our goals by creating partnerships with other professionals in the community.

If you believe in our mission and want to help us see it come to fruition, join the Project New Perspective collaboration and donate today to help us provide free mental health care to those who need it.

For more ideas on how to show kindness, find support at New Perspectives Therapeutic Service.

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